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FRED’S BELGIAN WAFFLES GENERAL TRADING LLC was established in 2003. Its first business was selling Belgian Liege waffles through a kiosk which later grew into a business importing and distributing frozen waffle dough, Pastries in the United Arab Emirates.

For the past 18 years, FRED’S BELGIAN WAFFLES GENERAL TRADING LLC a HACCP Certified company has maintained high-quality standards and is the leading wholesaler of frozen Belgian Liege waffle dough, baked waffles, Pastries & dessert. throughout the UAE’s hospitality and food industry. Our product is directly imported from the best quality in Belgium.FRED’S BELGIAN WAFFLES GENERAL TRADING LLC’s major clients include: Atlantis the Palm, IFA, JW Marriott Group, Hilton Group, Jumeirah Group, Dubai Parks & Resorts Emirates Flight Catering and many more


Globally Reputed Brand of Belgian Liege Waffle Dogh imported from the finest factory of Belgium. The Specialist in manufacturing Waffle Dough balls.
The idea of waffle dough balls is to provide fresh and hot belgian liege waffles for instant enjoyment.
The product is delicious and easy to use. Ideal for five star Hotels Breakfast buffet,live waffle station on poolside , water parks, beach sides, other small businesses ,restaurants, coffee shops catering services, hotel traders and ship chandlers.
To start baking follow the steps Below:
1. The waffle dough must be taken out from the freezer and put in a fridge over night OR let it rest at room temperature for at least 2-3 hours before baking in a commercial waffle machine.
2. You can also use a proofer for at least 30 minutes at 45°C
3. Preheat the waffle machine to 190°C.
4. Place the raised waffle dough ball in the waffle machine.
5. Close the waffle iron and put the thermostat on 180°C. Bake the waffles for a minimum of 4 minutes (maximum of 5 minutes)
6. The finished product is crispy outside and soft inside. It can be served with toppings such as chocolate sauce, nutella, maple syrup, ice cream, whipping cream and fresh fruits of your choice for variety.

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Our waffle dough is made using traditional methods to ensure a product of the highest quality. All of the ingredients come from well-known European suppliers. The fat content is 100% vegetable.

The dough is Halal and HACCP compliant (International food safety standard). The waffle dough balls are “hand” rolled giving them a light and flexible texture that guarantees that they cook through evenly. They are frozen immediately after preparation, before they rise, and packed in boxes of 130 units. Each box contains 5 trays, each with 26 recesses and is sealed with a plastic cover.

The dough balls are fresh and ready for use; they will not stick to the waffle-maker and are just as easy to cook . Just leave them to defrost and rise. After 4 minutes of cooking at 180°C your waffle is ready!

The dough ball boxes each contain 130 units and have the following dimensions: 50cm long by 30cm wide and 22cm high. Each dough ball weighs 130gr. At room temperature: frozen waffle dough can be stored for 4 to 8 hours before baking. In a refrigerator (+4°C): the dough balls can be stored for up to 72 hours. In a freezer (- 18°C): the dough balls can be stored for up to a year.


Our Pearl Sugar Waffles are the crown jewels of all Belgian Waffles. The yeast-raised dough includes decadent pieces of pearl sugar – delicately melted in the center and caramelized on the outside.

Enjoyed at room temperature or heated-up, Pearl Sugar Waffle are the ideal carrier for sweet and savory applications. Furthermore, our waffles are perfect for great grab n’go, snacks and-desserts, among others

Enjoyed at room temperature or heated-up, Pearl Sugar Waffle are the ideal carrier for sweet and savory applications. Furthermore, our waffles are perfect for great grab n’go, snacks and-desserts, among others

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Our wide range of high-quality cakes that we supply fresh or frozen: ready to use and with an artisanal character

. Our traditional quality, combined with modern production methos and excellent service create a unique added value for our cakes and tarts so that we are able to ensure the satisfaction of thousands of consumers day in day out.

Our wide range of pastries comes in pre cut in different sizes suitable for Banquet,corporate meetings, Parties &coffee breaks .It is hassle free !! Just Thaw and Serve , This is apart from our Gourmet It is Delicious,economical and very easy to serve .

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P.O. Box 282230, Dubai, U.A.E.

Tell: +971 4 3851633

Fax: +971 4 3851634

Mob: +971 56 546 2551


If you have any other questions or if you want more information, please dont’t hesitate and contact us

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